Clover Robot
Clover Robot

Clover Robot
Automated Equipment


Slam Automated


Inspection Automated


Battery Replacement Automated

iLumintel has devoted itself to Clover Robot R&D.It is an integrated advanced technologies with artificial intelligence and 3D behavior recognition. Clover Robot uses machine learning and big data analysis to precisely analyze and predict people behavior recognition so that this system can provide an alarm function.

Clover Robot is equipped with slam engine so it has slam-automated function. Moreover, including 3D map matching of global environment and local submaps construction、re-modify and slam each partial one. Clover Robot can completely automatic navigate、 keep detecting objects and moving-forwardness in the same time.


Electric Drive Control Plate 12V/100W
Clover Sensor Please refer to the Clover Sensor Specifications for details
LiDAR 360°scan within 6 meter radius
Display Size 241.2mm×185.7mm×8.8mm
Microphone Array Included
Electric Motor 24V/3700rpm/45V
Lithium Battery 24V/40A
Individual-wheel drive(diameter) 125mm
Cradle Head optional
Inspection Duration 7×24h On-Site
Dimension 1460mm×600mm×600mm
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