Clover Sensor

Clover Sensor
Fixed Equipment

The upper position of the fixed-installed equipment captures real-time HD color images and 3D depth images. The captured color and spatial information are correlated and complement each other so that behavior recognition is not affected by variations of light completely. We have recognition of color-changed object by using color images.

On the other hand, we can precisely identify people`s emotional changes by using non-contact temperature measurement and detected heartbeats data. Therefore, Clover Sensor has high-precision behavior recognition and prediction of individual and crowd.



The frame rate of Clover Sensor can reach up to 30 FPS real-time detection.Recognition rate can reach 99.9%


Continuous Environmental Surveillance

3D behavior recognition system can continuously maintain and operate a 24/7 surveillance service.


Cloud Terrace

The system has cloud terrace so extend efficient monitor range within 360°


Support Multi-Application Platform

Support Switch Server/Clover Sensor Server/Windows Client/iOS App/Android App/HTML5 Lite App


Color image Camera Angle Horizontal Angle Horizontal Angle
85°-180° 75°
Active IR Sensor Angle 75°-180° 75°
Color Image Sensor A Resolution 1920*1080/30fps
Color Image Sensor B Resolution 1280*720/30fps
Active IR Sensor Resolution 640*480/30fps
3D Sacn Range 10m/100m fz
CPU quad-core
GPU Low-Power Consumption
Scan accuracy Millimeter Scale
Microphone Array Included
Cradle Head Optional
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