Core Technology Features


100% Precise Recognition

The high precision (millimeter scale) depth sensor captures human crowd behavior、individual analysis and precisely 3D space of behavior characteristic recognition.

100% accuracy abnormal behavior recognition, which is based on event and semantics active defense in real-time alarm、 screen annotation and included quick query . (Traditional system only plays the mode of playback view with small modification of intelligent analysis).


Non-Contact Measurement

Heartbeat, respiration, body weight and other biometric characteristics are measured by non-contact measurement.

This is real-time extraction of facial expression features, gestures, posture, and so on.


Precise 3D Facial Recognition

Monitoring area 3D Space vectorization. In 3D space, the small changes of object`s movement and characters are predicted to achieve accurate alert.

3D facial recognition ( high precise identification ) extracts biometric characteristics, such as face and head. It achieves high precision recognition under general conditions, and is very different from current face recognition system.

Core Technology-Skeleton TrackingRoute Tracking Demo


Human Crowd Behavior Analysis

Non-Contact Measurement
3D Facial Recognition

iLumintel's Intelligent 3D Behavior Recognition system has features of 3D facial acquisition,3D facial capture and facial recognition.

3D Facial Acquisition:

      The acquisition of the target 3D information to accurately establish the human forehead, eyes, mouth, nose, ears and other parts of biometric database of 3D curved surface.

3D Facial Capture:

      The monitoring devices will be on the personnel entering surveillance areas, and then obtain person's facial features information to analyze biological features of the characteristics of 3D curved surface.


3D Facial Recognition:

      The system can identify targets not only from biological features,such as frontal forehead, eyes, nose and mouth, etc, but also from side ears, ear contour curves, and other contour curves to identify the biological characteristics of the monitored targets. It is a system that can carry out 3D face recognition from any angle.

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